Acquisition Campaign? Tuesday morning at 10 am

This is the result of analysis of 28 415 orders through the registration forms of Abonnementenland.
The peak is at 7.8% around 10 am and lowers over time. Then there is another peak around 7 pm.
current sales structure
Tuesday appears to be the most popular with 16.2%. The difference between the days of the week differ up to 1.7%. Saturday, however, with 11% of the notifications seems to be a less successful day for a recruitment campaign.

Acquisition campaign? Tuesday morning at 10 o’clock (Part 2)

Following our study of last September about the ideal time to start an acquisition campaign, we further analyzed the data.
In this sequence the results were divided into two groups: professional and consumer magazines.
The results:
Both consumer- and professional magazines show almost identical results on the number of orders per hour of the day. However the best time for professional magazines appears to be between 12 a.m. and 1 9.5% Of the subscriptions where submitted in that time range.
In contrast to the average results in the previous study is Tuesday not the day with the most orders on public magazines. Although the difference is only 0.7% compared to Wednesday, with 15.5% of the orders.
When we look at the professional magazines, Tuesday seems to be resulting even better with 21.3% of the orders.

Customer service via WhatsApp

As of today, it is possible for subscribers to reach Customer Service of Abonnementenland via WhatsApp. Through this popular way of communication we want to make it easier for the (potential) subscribers to ask questions about their subscription, making changes, and of course to order new subscriptions!

Huge increase use of webforms

Over the period August 2013 to September 2014, the use of the registration forms of Abonnementenland has increased by 850%. These forms allows customers to process their orders and changes automatically. All the orders and changes are also immediately confirmed by email to the subscriber
The percentage of processed orders and changes has increased by over 820%.