Circulation Marketing

Raising your cirulation

The acquisition of new subscribers and the retention of existing ones are the key tasks of Circulation Marketing. But how can that be achieved?

That depends on the audience. For some a discount will work, for other a nice welcome gift will do the job. Then there is also the question of how you approach your subscribers? For example by mail, online or by phone.

Anyway, Abonnementenland has the resources to make your marketing campaign a success. With our competitive rates in the postal and printing industry and the graphic design that we provide ourselves you are assured that you will not pay too much.

What does circulation marketing look like?

You can think of a dozen of examples like:

  • Email marketing
  • Follow-up of cancellations and ending trial- and gift-subscriptions
  • subscriber recruits subscriber actions
  • Trial issues and follow-up
  • Selfmailers
  • Response cards
  • Online offer pages
  • Collective campaigns with other publishers

Collective campaigns

Abonnementenland has developed its own platform to unite the publishers. Via subscriptions can be ordered, specials offers can be made and new audiences can be reached.
In short, because all forces are joined, the options for each publisher are as good as limitless!