Subscriber Acquisition

Subscriber acquisition is a process which is expensive, complex and very often a time-critical. Therefor it is reassuring that you can trust on a partner that can take over many of these tasks and also monitors the follow-up.
Examples of this are webshops like, but also the acquisition of subscriptions through single copy sales. Abonnementenland has all the tools to facilitate the subscriber acquisition.

Email Marketing

E-mailing a potential subscriber is a relatively inexpensive way of subscriber acquisition. However if you want to achieve the best results, a number of parts of email marketing is very important. In example the personalization of the email, but also the pre filling of the registration form. Thanks to these, ordering a subscription becomes a lot easier.

Acquisition Letter

An acquisition letter is a slightly more expensive way of acquisition than email marketing but most of the times also a more profitable one. Whether it’s an ordinary letter or a specially printed letter, Abonnementenland is happy to fulfill this task for you!

Single Copy Sales

One of the most important generators of new subscriptions is the single copy sales in stores. A lot of people want to try the magazine before they order a subscription. Of course the magazine has to be available in stores. Click here to read more about this

Other acquisition methods

Of course there are many ways to recruit new subscribers like through events, flyers or fairs. Abonnementenland will be on your side with this with only one goal: the acquisition of new subscribers!