Subscriber Retention

It happens quite often: Lots of money is spent to acquisite new subscribers and meanwhile the existing subscribers won’t get any attention and leave through the backdoor.
Abonnementenland has a wide range of marketing activities focused on customer loyalty asnd subscriber retention where maintaining the subscriber is the main goal. These include:

  • Offers for subscribers who actually want to cancel their subscription
  • Offers via letter or email that are sent around the time that the last issue of a person’s subscription will appear.
  • Loyalty programs to reward loyal subscribers
  • Discounts in your webshop for existing subscribers
  • And many, many more…

Of course you are in control of everything. You determine how the letters, e-mailings, registration forms and all other forms of expression will look like
Besides our own Thor-software we work with various companies included Copernica, Cendris, DHL, PostNL and Sandd.