Every publisher has dealings with non-paying subscribers, members or customers. The way in which you attempt to collect the payment due will always remain imprinted in the defaulter’s memory. Therefor Abonnementenland offers friendly debt collection Usually it is a case of unintentional late or non payment.
Because you are careful with your circulation, we are careful with your defaulters, even when they miss a payment or pay later than they should. Friendliness and understanding are more effective than threats; moreover, this approach avoids subscribers or members becoming irritated or even walking away.

A friendly debt collection agency? Does that work?

Yes, it works. Our approach has been shaped in practice. We now provide the payment-collection service for tens of publishers (print and digital publications), associations and organizations who are faced with payment-related problems.

Keeping an existing subscriber is many more times cheaper than recruiting a new one. And last but not least, our payment collection actions are almost always self-liquidating. In other words, they pay for themselves.

In brief, Brynhild Incasso represents:
• A specialized debt collection agency in recovering subscription and membership fees.
• An own approach focused on recovering overdue payments and retaining the subscriber or member.
• More than 18 years’ experience in debt-collection for more than 70 publishers, organizations and associations.
• Almost always cost-effective action