Web shops

A magazine and a web shop is a strong combination for a publisher. The reality however is much more complex. A lot of knowledge is necessary to build a web shop and maintain it.
Payment systems and the supply chain are much more challenging tasks. Tasks not many publishers are willing to deal with. they focus more on making the magazine, and so it should.

Where can you find a web shop?

Abonnementenland provides a fast achievable “Starterspack” for your web shop. Starting with our so called “White-label”-model for the development and design of your web shop. We also provide a variety of payment- and shipment methods and stock management facilities.
Of course everything can be tailor made and modified to the look and feel of your magazine.
Some of the features:

  • Development and design
  • Several ordering and payment options
  • Stock management
  • Linking with your own web shop
  • Reporting services
  • Storage
  • Fulfilment
  • Shipment
  • Customer Service