Sealing and distribution

Every edition of a magazine is unique. Editorially, the advertisements, the lay-out, the printing and the last step, the distribution. Every magazine needs to be provided width the right address. Sometimes leaflets and other extras need to be added. Also Split runs need to be executed correctly. After that has been done, all magazines need to be sealed and shipped. Altogether a time critical logistics process, where much can go wrong. Therefore, all is aimed to get the new issue at the time agreed at the subscriber’s doormat.

One point of contact and good fares

Besides Subscription Management, Abonnementenland offers also the sealing and distribution of your magazine. Because of this you have only one point of contact for the subscription management and the sealing and distribution: Your account manager at Abonnementenland. He / she shall personally supervise the proper addressing and timely delivery of your magazines. Even if it is a last minute job.

Because the subscription management, the sealing and the distribution take place in the same building, new subscribers can be added to the mailing list until the last minute at competitive rates.
Not only for the addressing and sealing, but also for the shipping costs. Abonnementenland offers competitive shipment rates for magazines at all major distribution parties.