Single copy sales

Unfortunately, a significant proportion of published magazines in the Netherlands are not yet available (everywhere) in single issue sales. This is why VMBpress was set up. VMBpress offers the distribution channel for a specific assortment of magazines for the single copy sales in bookshops and other sales outlets, such as museums and specially-selected stores.VMBpress offers the opportunity for these magazines to be presented in single issue sales, for product awareness to be increased, and for support to subscriber-recruitment campaigns.

Easily available for every publisher

This is what VMBpress would like to achieve, with as little administrative fuss as possible for both the publishers and the sales outlets. The distribution of the magazines must be as agreeable for all parties.The publisher receives a fixed percentage of the sales figures and increases the product awareness of his magazine. The sales outlet receives a high purchase discount on the single copy sales. And the reader who does not want to immediately take out a subscription can now buy his or her magazine in a shop or store. VMBpress keeps the lines of communication short and takes account of its clients.