With a wide range of management and marketing facilities, Abonnementenland has been one of the best equipped providers of subscription management for years. Abonnementenland has concentrated its management services on the demands and requirements in the publishing industry. Associations also find their way to Abonnementenland. It is our ambition to be able to offer our clients today what they will need tomorrow, which is why we offer you more than just certainty, efficiency and convenience. We also provide the creativity and innovation that could support you in realising your ambitions.

A partner for subscription management who speaks my language?

Does one exist? Imagine: you are the publisher of a series of good magazines and you have had enough of your subscription management being carried out just so-so. It might be because you do not actually have the people or the tools to do it, or because outsourcing could not offer what you expected. Usually it is because of an existing contact with a printer or a distributor who ‘while we’re at it, we could also do’ your subscription management. No offence, but that is often the case.

Here you can see that it can be different, and the 170 clients in our client database are happy to endorse that. Our trump card is just one concept: professionalism. Abonnementenland has for years focused entirely on setting up and managing subscriber databases. The services and products we offer are therefore always related to your requirements in this area.

Moreover, our working method has been formed and sharpened in the publishing world itself.
You, therefore, have an expert and involved partner at your side that knows and understands your interests. In short, a partner who speaks your language. If that appeals to you, an appointment can be quickly made.

In brief, Abonnementenland offers:
• A personal approach
• One point of contact / sparring partner
• Fast operational use of your address files
• Low start-up costs
• No set costs
• Online accessibility to your address files
• Professional customer service