Subscription Marketing

Subscriber are very important to your magazine. Without subscribers very few magazines are able to exist. Whether they appear in print or digital. Therefor a good subscription marketing strategy is essential.

Thor: Subscription Marketing according to Abonnementenland
The publishing industry has made some fundamental changes. The word is digitalizing very fast. The internet, social media and digital publishing are things no publisher can ignore anymore. A publisher needs tomorrows cross media strategy today to keep up with the fast changing world.
De databases with the data of the subscribers, clients, customers and prospects is crucial. The data recording, database management and keeping data up to date and accessible is often a complicated part. And, believe it or not, a good subscription management is much harder than it seems at first sight.
That’s why we developed Thor, the new application for subscription marketing and management. Thor is developed by Abonnementenland and build on future needs. All the experience in the subscription- and publishing industry Abonnementenland obtained in its 22 years of existence has been incorporated in Thor.
And unlike the name Abonnementenland suggests, Thor facilitates more than just subscription management.

A few of the many options and features of Thor:

  • A webshop for every publisher
  • Existing websites and webshops are easy to connect to the Thor-database
  • Processing and shipment of orders
  • Financial Processing
  • Stock Management
  • Subscription Management for both print and digital magazines
  • Exchanging information with external CRM applications and databases
  • Continious monitoring of the quality of the addresses
  • Daily reports about delivery complaints are passed to the regarding distributor to obtain a better distribution
  • Numerous possibilities to record socio-demographic and psychographic data
  • Detailed and real time reporting and marketing tools
  • 24/7 Accessible
  • Facebook and What´s App integrations;/li>
  • Many export possibilities to Excel, Word, CSV, PDF and HTML.

There can be stored a practically unlimited number of data of (old) subscribers, members, visitors to online shops and sites, seminars, fairs, etc. in the Thor database. Including their payment history.
The extensive and flexible analysis capabilities result in a focused circulation marketing strategy for the almost 300 clients of Abonnementenland who have combined over 600 different publishing products. Thanks to this, a cross media strategy can much easier be developed and performed. All of these factors result in the most complete subscription management application at the moment: Thor.